Is Orchard Hotel Singapore worth staying?

Jan 05 2015

I will be going to travel with my friends this Spring and we have decided we want to visit Singapore for this trip. There are many hotels to choose from and one can find many Orchard Hotel Singapore Reviews. Other hotels include Fullterton Hotel, Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Orchid Hotel Singapore and among many others. When looking for place to stay, it is important to look at what the hotel has to offer and what previous guests say about their experience. Apparently, there are many travel review sites which offer many insights on previous and existing guest experience.

The Marina Bay Sands seems to be an amazing structure just by looking at the images and many rave about rooftop infinity pool. It also features Singapore’s first casino which might really be worth visiting. The mall also has a food court which offers many great food for those under budget.

Raffles Hotel is located at the heart of location and it’s one of the other hotel I want to stay at. Not only does the hotel features a museum but it also has tropical garden courtyard. However, the price is in the upper tier compared to other accommodations.

Shangri-la Hotel Valley Wing is another highly rated hotel. In the summit room, it even has a private chef at your service. The Singapore Marriott Hotel is one of the accommodation which has a great in quality and exceptional customer service. They will actually go out of their way to address your needs.

If you like Chinese food, Conrad Centennial Singapore is a great choice. It has one of the finest Chinese Restaurant in town and it also connects to a mall for those who loves shopping. For those who does not have a large budget, Studio M Hotel may be the place to stay. In addition, it also offers Shuttle Bus to Orchard Road.

If you want to be close to Chinatown, than you might consider New Majestic Hotel. This hotel is also very close to Chinatown. For those looking for the finest rooms, they want to take a look at Capella Singapore. Other fine hotels include Oasia Hotel Singapore where one of the guests have a fantastic experience. Another guests have an amazing stay at The St. Regis Singapore which offers everything a guest could ask for. This hotel resides at the Tanglin area.

Another budget hotel is Ibis Singapore On Bencoolen which is only 3 star. For its price, it simply has amenities that makes one’s stay pleasant and enjoyable.

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What is a good coupon site?

Sep 30 2014

There are several great sites with promo code but I always want to know the one that come up with the most frequent updates or has the most coupon types. Many offer coupons that save on certain percentage and some offer discounts on the whole package that includes return round trip and the accommodation cost. By doing a quick search online, there are many reputed sites but what would be best is the site being able to list coupons that helps customer saves the most instead of sorting or filtering just by the company or brand.

When shopping for other things, it’s important to use coupons at all times because overtime, plenty of money can be saved. The money that are saved and be spent on something else that is more valuable or worthwhile. Usually 5 or 10 percent may not seem like much for a one off purchase but overtime, this can be a significant amount. Recently I came across a great article offering great advice on how to save.

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Which hotels in VA beach to choose?

Sep 24 2014

Virginia Beach is a resort city with mile stretch long beaches with many restaurants, shopping malls, accommodations and parks along side. It is difficult to choose which hotels in Virginia Beach to stay with so many excellent choices. It is really a great getaway destination for family or couples looking for a quick several days getaway. In Guinness Book of Record, the beaches in VA is recorded as one of the longest pleasurable beach.

Besides being well known as one of the top tourist travel destination, it is also known as America’s First Region and it is the 39th largest city in the states interestingly enough. There are many great sightseeing attractions in Virginia Beach including Neptune Festival, King Neptune Statue on the Boardwalk, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and The Virginia Beach Boardwalk to name a few.

With so many travelers visiting VA beach every year, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult or challenging to find parking. However, there are other beaches close by and they offer free parking. Sometimes it might be worthwhile to visit other beaches such as Croatan Beach that has less people and more peaceful. Other popular beaches include North Beach, Sandridge Beach and The Chesapeake Beach.

In summary, VA beach is identified as one of the perfect place to visit for holidays and it has everything that a family or a couple has to look for in a light and relaxing trip.

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Is working from home always good?

May 01 2014

For a typical 9-5 jobs, most of us start their day by waking up early and take a trip to the office. There are also jobs that are work from home which saves a lot of commute time and transportation cost. Heading to work and cramming with other people on buses and subways can sometimes be really frustrating. This is even more so if the work day was rough. Some of us with better jobs may be able to afford driving cars but traffic jam or road constructions can aslo cause a lot of headache and frustration.

Working from home can be quite comfortable and there are many benefits. The first is the time and cost that are saved. If traveling to the office, most of us will need to pay for transit which include buses and subways. The second major benefit is not having to get up as early to dress up and prepare to meet people at the work place. This can also save plenty of time as the work can be done by just wearing pajamas.

Although there are many advantages to working from home. There are many downsides as well. First, home office is usually a more isolated environment which means there are very few human interaction if any. Communication is usually done via phone, email or instant messaging service such as Skype. Second, if you have children and they are very young, they may cause significant distraction and disruption. Young children usually require constant attention and care from their parents and their interruption can be detrimental to work productivity and ultimately work performance.

The work from home jobs are usually for Single moms who are not able to leave their children alone and at the same time requires a constant income stream. There are many freelancers who also work from home rather than renting an office to cut cost. The freelancers can also work in teams because most communicate and work is performed online.

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What are the recommended Myrtle Beach sightseeing attractions?

Apr 28 2014

If golfing is your point, dont overlook your team because there are a great deal of quality classes awaiting you in Myrtle Beach. Winter season is the reduced time of year in Myrtle Beach. In case one does get in difficulty when going swimming inside the water, yell for help and swim parallel towards the seaside until you can move clear of the currents move. Southern Carolina Hall of Popularity honors anyone who has contributed to their state history and provides a fantastic worth and intriguing day time vacation. Accommodation choices in Myrtle Beach change from clean and simple, to luxurious seafront suites with a great deal of amenities.

Looking for the best experience although learning anything stroll through WonderWorks an intriguing upside-down house. There are numerous steps you can take for under $inside the Myrtle Beach area. Learn on appearance where the closest doctor or hospital is situated, in case. The normal conditions for the Myrtle Beach area about at its coldest in Jan, and achieving inside the hottest 30 days of July. The Myrtle Beach area includes a wonderful airport and offers convenience for travelers worldwide.

The Murrells Inlet Marsh Go walking is picturesque attractiveness at its very best and is especially excellent if you need to go walking away an luxury of wonderful meals. The only thing you will hear at Myrtle Beach is the sound of the Atlantic, just a primary reason why above zillion folks go to Myrtle Beach each and every year. Be practical and dont depart valuables unattended or available. Because of the weather which is comparable to summer even at its coldest signifies that lighting clothes is actually all you may require. Be sure you clear your rubbish in fact it is discarded in the correct way.

Myrtle Beach, repaired Southern Carolina is the best place to go for family holidays, vacations for married couples of any age and team travel. Familiarize your self with the area with the aid of road maps and requesting guidelines. Get your camera as well as for a minimal entrance cost head over to Huntington Beach State Park your car and see the historic Atlanya Castle, go to the character middle and see all kinds of wild birds and reptiles within their all-natural habitat. Like every vacation spot be familiar with any restrictions that pertain to the place myrtle beach resort where you are remaining. Brain for Broadway at the beach, Without shoes Obtaining, Coastal Fantastic Shopping mall or the Industry Typical and in case you’re searching for gift ideas for family and friends or just fancy treating your self. If you are searching for some thing ethnic the Carolina O pry offers world-course stay entertainment.

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Which brand of camera tripod is the best?

Mar 23 2014

I’m currently looking for a new camera tripod or stand for my new camera. There are many brands out there where some are higher end but also more expensive. Typical brands include Manfrotto, Gitzo, Benro and among many others. There are many factors to consider when getting a tripod for camera including the price, durability, reliability, material type as well as the ball head type.

Before getting a new tripod, the first step is to understand what I need. For material type, it is best to get a tripod that is light but also can sustain a heavy weight camera. A carbon fiber type is a good option. Tripod made of plastic seems to be easy to break. Aluminum is a good alternative to carbon fiber.

Other feature to consider includes the ball-head type which comes in two form: the pan tilt head and the ball/tilt heads. Other factors to look at when researching tripods are height and weight. A tripod should able to support heavy cameras and tall enough to elevate and stabilize a typical DSLR camera.

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Where to get second hand camera lenses?

Feb 08 2014

leica m3

I live in a small town so there are very few local retail shops. I usually don’t buy things online but it seems there are many lenses available. With just a small amount of research, I can compare prices and quality quickly. I’m a amateur photographer and sometimes to advance and further develop my skills require having more experience with various types of used lenses. Currently I do not want to spend too much on a complete new lenses. I would rather save up more so I can change more lenses from time to time. There are plenty of guides online including Ken Rockwell.

Currently I’m hoping to get a lenses from a major brand such as Canon or Nikon. There are other players out there including Minolta, Hasselblad as well as Leica. Leica is really pricy although the quality is really good. Alternatively there are Pentax and Olympus. Ill probably ask my friend for suggestion since he is an amateur photographer.

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What are ND Filters?

Jan 04 2014

Neutral Density Filters are mainly used for balancing light. ND Filter is just a piece of glass that reduced the amount of light reaching the camera sensor. ND filters do not alter the color but only the light level.

They are commonly used in outdoor landscape photography and some of the time in portrait as well. There are two primary types including screw in type and slot in type. If you are looking for these filters, be sure to look at the various density levels. These levels can be viewed here.

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Introductory Post

Jan 04 2014

It’s been a while since I made a journal. It’s New Years and I guess I should make a blog to post about my daily thoughts and activities. It’s a great outlet to relieve stress and take a break from all the people around.

I have plenty of hobbies and love to exercise, but the workload recently has kept me very occupied. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos and traveling. I wanted to visit more cities while I still have the mood.

2013 is over and hopefully everything goes well in 2014. I have plenty of goals to achieve and Ill evaluate the progress at the end of the year.

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