Which brand of camera tripod is the best?

Mar 23 2014

I’m currently looking for a new camera tripod or stand for my new camera. There are many brands out there where some are higher end but also more expensive. Typical brands include Manfrotto, Gitzo, Benro and among many others. There are many factors to consider when getting a tripod for camera including the price, durability, reliability, material type as well as the ball head type.

Before getting a new tripod, the first step is to understand what I need. For material type, it is best to get a tripod that is light but also can sustain a heavy weight camera. A carbon fiber type is a good option. Tripod made of plastic seems to be easy to break. Aluminum is a good alternative to carbon fiber.

Other feature to consider includes the ball-head type which comes in two form: the pan tilt head and the ball/tilt heads. Other factors to look at when researching tripods are height and weight. A tripod should able to support heavy cameras and tall enough to elevate and stabilize a typical DSLR camera.

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Where to get second hand camera lenses?

Feb 08 2014

leica m3

I live in a small town so there are very few local retail shops. I usually don’t buy things online but it seems there are many lenses available. With just a small amount of research, I can compare prices and quality quickly. I’m a amateur photographer and sometimes to advance and further develop my skills require having more experience with various types of used lenses. Currently I do not want to spend too much on a complete new lenses. I would rather save up more so I can change more lenses from time to time. There are plenty of guides online including Ken Rockwell.

Currently I’m hoping to get a lenses from a major brand such as Canon or Nikon. There are other players out there including Minolta, Hasselblad as well as Leica. Leica is really pricy although the quality is really good. Alternatively there are Pentax and Olympus. Ill probably ask my friend for suggestion since he is an amateur photographer.

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What are ND Filters?

Jan 04 2014

Neutral Density Filters are mainly used for balancing light. ND Filter is just a piece of glass that reduced the amount of light reaching the camera sensor. ND filters do not alter the color but only the light level.

They are commonly used in outdoor landscape photography and some of the time in portrait as well. There are two primary types including screw in type and slot in type. If you are looking for these filters, be sure to look at the various density levels. These levels can be viewed here.

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Introductory Post

Jan 04 2014

It’s been a while since I made a journal. It’s New Years and I guess I should make a blog to post about my daily thoughts and activities. It’s a great outlet to relieve stress and take a break from all the people around.

I have plenty of hobbies and love to exercise, but the workload recently has kept me very occupied. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos and traveling. I wanted to visit more cities while I still have the mood.

2013 is over and hopefully everything goes well in 2014. I have plenty of goals to achieve and Ill evaluate the progress at the end of the year.

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